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Hey,First of all thanks for showing interest to know about us...


CineRoundup.com is an Online Entertainment website,Started on 18th July 2015.This site is all about Movies Updates,Latest News,Gossips,Reviews etc. We update you with all the latest news of Indian Film Industry. don't forget folks we write entertainment articles too. a little humor is good for us right. Actually I find these about us pages a bit boring, usually filled with inchangable dates,names and facts. I promise this page would be more than that.

   I know what you are thinking. You are probably thinking that I had done few mistakes right. 

Mistake 1 : You Don't Have An Proper About us Page 

      HA! I am already ahead of game...

Mistake 2 : I Can't Find Your Name. 
       No Problem Folks. We Pranay & Kiran. We are the Founders and CEO's too. We meet in school and now we are studying intermediate together. I think I had said much about us.

Mistake 3 : How do you look like.

       hmm...maybe iam not sure isee the relevance in that one. Sure, Maybe you are little curious about how i look like. Well, No problem man i just gave you our names. Do a little Investigating Work on us You freeloader .
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